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Scripts / Screenplays Typing Services

Outsource Script Typing Services - Accurate, Cost-Effective & Secure

Script typing is one of the most crucial processes which are required by almost all the professionals which are into moving visual media and Outsource Typing Services helps them get the best quality script writing at affordable rates. Script typing needs a lot of experience as the typist needs to understand the related terms used in scripts quickly and work on them in an efficient manner.

Outsource Typing Services is one of the pioneer companies which realized the need of quality script typing services and took an initiative in this direction. Since then, we have been delivering quality services to a myriad of clients all across the world.

Why Outsource Script Typing Services to Us?

Our team is competent in managing both detailed screenplays transcriptions and excerpts from different sources.You can send us handwritten screenplays, typed ones, scanned copies, audio files or e-files. We can capture, copy and recreate files in formats of your choice.

For any visual media, prominently the film making industry, the need for script typing is inevitable. Since it is not feasible to hire full time script typist or in-house script typist by any production house, the script typing services are largely outsourced.

Script Typing Services are Available For:

  • Television Movies
  • Documentary Films
  • Animation Films
  • Theatrical Films
  • Industrial Films
  • Television Series
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Media Campaigns
  • Short Films
  • Plays
  • Public Performances
  • Cartoon Series
  • Skits
  • Corporate Films

Our Script Typing Services Include:

In the current scenario, Outsource Typing Services is recognized as the benchmark of quality in this domain. With our creative experts who have years of experience, we aim to deliver the best possible quality services.

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