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Audio Typing Services

Audio Typing Services - Search, Share and Archive Audio Contents

Outsourcing Typing Services is the right destination for you to get highly accurate and affordable audio typing services. We transcribe all your audio and video files to the respective text files (MS Word, text, rtf...) by maintaining word to word accuracy.

We always strive to provide you with quality typing services in the best possible time frame as we completely understand your requirements for quick services.

audio typing: convert audio files into text documents

We Convert Various Audio/Video Files Like:

At Outsourcing Typing Services, we have a team of skilled and well experienced audio typing professionals who have polished language, grammar, listening and typing skills. In addition to this, our proofreading team also works with the utmost attention to detail to weed out any type of inaccuracies in the written document. Your document is passed through three stages of quality check before being delivered to you.

With the optimum use of technology, we assure our clients of no loss of their valuable data during the execution phase of the project.

We Convert Various Audio/Video Files Like:

Input Audio Format:

MP3, WAV, DSS, WMA, DS2, AMR, MOV, MP4, CD, DVD, Tapes etc.

Output Written Format:

MS Word, RTF, Simple Text, HTML, PDF etc.

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